June 30, 2017

Mr. Natty (Matt Raine), the British Royal Court Barber behind the Mr. Natty product line showed up at New York, New York Men’s Grooming Lounge in Burlington, Ontario, Canada for a special event. Mr. Natty did beard trims and clean-ups to support a wonderful charity: The Friendship Bench. This charity is focused on mental well being and suicide prevention among youth. 


Mr. Natty performing a beard trim with a straight razor
Mr. Natty Doing a Beard Cleanup with a Cutthroat Razor. 
Terry (Left), Matt Raine AKA Mr. Natty (Center), Dominic (Right)

A participant Styled up the Natty way standing with Sergio (Center) and Mr. Natty (Right). 

Matt Raine, Mr. Natty, Sergio Franco, Sam Fiorella

Everyone enjoyed themselves supporting a great cause. 
Sergio Franco (Left), Master Barber - Founder/Operator of New York New York Men's Grooming Lounge
Matt Raine, (Right), Master Barber - "Mr. Natty Himself". 
Sam Fiorella, (Center), Co-founder - The Friendship Bench. 


Voreia would like to thank the Friendship Bench for allowing us along with Mr. Natty to support this wonderful cause. Sergio and the whole team at New York New York Men's Grooming Lounge deserve major recognition for their continued charitable support of the local Burlington community.


Mr. Natty Product Range